David Park​

Born and raised in New Jersey, David had a reluctant yet unexpected life changing encounter in 2010 at his first visit to Dongmyung children's home. Since then David has sought to "look after the widowed and orphaned" walking alongside them to embody the meaning of YANA. David has a B.S in Mathematics and Economics. He is currently serving atTrue Light Church as a Youth Pastor and is currently pursuing his MABS at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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board members

Sung Lee​

Sung Lee is Executive Vice President and Global Co-Head of Research Valuation & Advisory at Altus Group, the world-leading provider of real estate advisory services to institutional real estate investors and investment advisors.  Altus is also the owner of Argus Enterprise, the global standard real estate cash flow modeling software.  In his role, Sung oversees more than 200 real estate professionals.  Over more than two decades, Sung has become a trusted advisor to executives at several of the world’s largest institutional real estate investors, including Blackstone, BlackRock, Carlyle, Clarion Partners, MetLife, Nuveen and UBS, among others.   At Altus, Sung is a key member of an executive team that spearheads the development and continual adaptation of industry-leading real estate data management and analytics technologies.  Sung is a regular speaker at industry events, including those held by NCREIF and PERE.


Sung was born in Seoul, Korea before moving to Hawaii with his family and attending high school in Honolulu.  He studied Industrial Engineering at Cornell University and received his MBA from the University of Washington.  He is married with two children. 

Core Confession 

We believe “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” (James 1:27) 

Corporate Mission 

Our mission is to be the embodiment of the message of Jesus, "You Are Not Alone" to orphans and abandoned youth. We want to become reliable families to abandoned children and youth in every possible way, so they can build their own healthy family. 

Common Commitments 

1)  We are not their sponsors, we are their family.

2)  We don’t expect any immediate fruits.

3)  We collaborate to make it better.

4)  We remain openhanded

     We will do anything short of sin to reach orphans and abandoned children 

5)  We will lead the way with irrational generosity.

     We truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive. 

Young sun Lee

Young Sun Lee is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of a private group practice, Defining Moments Counseling & Assessment Center in California.  She has a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  Joining a ministry like YANA has been a long-awaited answer to her prayer and she and her husband, Sung, feel very blessed to take part in it.  Young Sun and Sung joined YANA since 2013.  Both of them have a very special heart for orphan ministry, and Young Sun is serving YANA as YSAP advisor.  They live in Los Angeles, California. 

Isaac Kim

Isaac was born and raised in Seattle, WA. Isaac has an A.B. in Economics from Harvard University and a M.B.A. from Stanford University. He is currently a private equity investor at a NY-headquartered hedge fund. Previously, he was a Principal at Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm based in San Francisco, CA. Prior to working at Golden Gate Capital, Isaac was a management consultant at Bain & Co. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jane, and three daughters, Samantha, Abigail and Josephine. Isaac and his family live in Menlo Park, CA. Isaac and Jane joined Yana ministry in 2012. With a compassionate heart towards orphans and children in poverty, Isaac and Jane have been a faithful family to both Yana and orphans.

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy is the President of Joy Systems Inc.  Joy Systems, Inc. is one of the largest refurbished PC manufacturers in the US, utilizing over 110,000 square feet facilities. Since its inception (established in 2001), Joy Systems has processed over 2,000,000 refurbished monitors/PCs/laptops with emphasis on superb quality and zero tolerance for defects. Jimmy’s heart to support orphans and children in poverty has been faithful throughout his dedication as a board member. After experiencing the very first Flying Happiness by proving his home as a guest house, he’s been faithfully serving Yana ministry for more than 7 years. He lives with his wife in New Jersey.

Joseph Cho

Joseph Cho is the founder and president of  JC Distributor Corp (Kitchen Design & Consulting) which is located in New Jersey.  He hopes and dreams to distribute not only his Kitchen Design work, but God’s love to those who are in need in the name of Jesus Christ. After listening to pastor Joo’s vision towards the orphans and children in poverty, he joined Yana Ministry with full passion. He’s been a faithful board member since 2016. 

Young Sun Kim

YounSun Kim works as a medical doctor in the SOK gastroenterology clinic center in Seoul, Korea. He joined YANA Ministry to provide necessary care and love for the orphans in Korea. He feels that this type of ministry is a missional calling from God for all Christians. With his knowledge in medicine, he dreams to restore and heal brokenness among many orphans and children in poverty both physically and spiritually. He is now serving as the board chair for Yana Korea Inc. in Korea. He’s been with Yana Ministry since 2012. 

Jong O Lee

JongO Lee has been serving as a YANA board member since September 2013.  He first became involved with YANA ministry through Flying Happiness.  For the past three years as students have been flying into America, JongO opened up his home and time to spend with both the children and the social workers.  Through those experiences he decided to join YANA Ministry because he wanted to share the love of Jesus Christ and help people in need.  As Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:31). He is the owner and president of Love My Tapes Corp. JongO and his family live in Paramus, NJ.

Soonkyu Shin

Soonkyu is a graduate of Harvard University, with a B.A. degree in Psychology. He attended the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to acquire a Ph.D. in Management Science/Organizational Studies. While studying at MIT, an opportunity offered by J.P. Morgan prompted him to change course and pursue an analyst career. Today, SK is a highly skilled analyst with 16 years of expertise extending across numerous asset classes, including municipal bonds, corporate bonds, equities, and convertible securities. Since launching his career at J.P. Morgan, he went on to hold multiple analyst roles at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. He is currently a senior analyst at the firm, concentrating on municipal practice. With a special passion for orphans and children in poverty, SK is currently serving as the board chair. As one of the original founding members of Yana, he’s been serving Yana ministry with all his heart. 

Sukjoo Lee
YANA Korea Administration

Sukjoo has known YANA Ministry in year of 2012 while he was one of social workers at Dongmyung Children’s Center in South Korea. YANA was the ideal organization that he dreamed in college. In 2017, Sukhoo left Dongmyung for his degree and heard YANA Korea was established around the same time. YANA Korea was looking for someone who has heart for orphans, and Sukjoo gratefully applied for the position. Now he is here for YANA Korea by the grace of God! 
Sukjoo is a father of two precious daughters and he is happy when he tells to someone “You Are Not Alone”

Sulmi Park
YANA Korea Director

Sulmi worked as a social worker at Dongmyung Children’s Center from 2004- 2018. 
Shelways hoping to become a someone you can rely on especially for young adults recently dismissed from orphanage.  Ever since YANA Ministry was introduced at Dongmyung in 2008, she has witnessed ministry’s message deliver to children was successful in many ways. 
As a director of YANA House Project, Sulmi is very excited to be a family for young adults who are having a hard time to adjust and adapt to the society.

Yoonju Roh
YANA Coffee House

Since September 2016, she’s been serving as the communication and design director for Yana.  Flying Happiness was the first event that Yoonju tasted the goodness of God through the orphans, and she quickly realized the significance of YANA ministry. She is delighted to be a part of Yana ministry, which offers amazing experience of God's goodness and kindness in orphans and children in poverty. She hopes to bring a smile to marginalized children through her design work at Yana. She is currently serving as the head designer at True Light Presbyterian Church. With her husband(Hyungeun) and her daughter(Jooeun), She lives in Fort Lee, NJ.

Grace Park

Grace had her first encounter with YANA Ministry in 2012. Ever since then she has been involved with summer missions, Flying Happiness and contributes to publications. Over the years her heart has grown fond of the vision and mission of YANA Ministry and wishes to be a vessel in which the message, "you are not alone", can be conveyed to all who feel marginalized. Grace is a member of True Light Church and serves in the English Congregation. She works at a non-profit organization in NYC as an accountant and is currently working on obtaining a certificate in Theological Studies.

Yongmin Lee
SMT /Summer Mission Trip

Yongmin was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to U.S. in 2006 to study theology(M.Div). During his seminary, he met pastor Joo at Praise Presbyterian Church in 2009 and joined YANA ministry. Through the ministries of YANA, he realized that how it is important to bring God’s message “you are not alone” to marginalized children in poverty. 

He is now serving True Light Presbyterian Church in NJ as an executive pastor. He lives in Paramus, NJ with Jieun Park(wife), and four daughters(June, Jooah(April), Jooel, Jooah)

Joo Whang

Born in Seoul Korea, he moved to L.A. at the age of 13. He earned a B.A. and MAT in Math at Occidental College.  He worked 3 years as a high school Math teacher until God called him to full-time ministry.  He received his M.Div and MA in Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary (class of 2007) after which he was ordained in 2008 under PCUSA.  He is currently serving as the Sr. Pastor at True Light Presbyterian Church in NJ.  He received a special calling to serve the orphans and children in poverty during his seminary years. His first visit to Dongmyung children’s home in 2008 sparkled his passion for an orphan ministry and he founded Yana Ministry in April 2012 with three other founding board members. His main goal is to be the message “You Are Not Alone” to orphans in many tangible ways. He truly believes that “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being” (James 1:27).

Jerry Shim

As an elder at True Light Presbyterian church in New Jeresy, he’s been serving both his church and Yana ministry with all his heart.  When he first met the children from Dongmyung children’s home, he was overwhelmed by the grace and love of God towards the orphans. Ever since then, he’s been following God’s passion for orphans and children in poverty. Jerry serves as the treasure for Yana Ministry since 2017. He is the founder and president of HALIFAX, LLC. His company is a American multinational clothing and accessories wholesaler and retailer. Halifax was established in 2001 and the headquarter is located in Garfield NJ.   

Sang Yole Kim

Father of two children, Ha Uhn and Jin Uhn, and husband of Min Kyung Yoo. Sangyole operates an export business in animal feed ingredients called HaUhn International Inc. Sangyole is Ernest in his desire to help the less fortunate. He has lived in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2012. 

Sooyeon Han
YSAP/YANA Study Abroad

Sooyeon first met YANA Ministry with Flying Happiness 2012. Ever since, she falls in love with children at Dong Myung Children’s Welfare Center.  Sooyeon and her family continue their relationship with DM children through Flying Happiness and Summer Mission Trip. 

Her relationship with orphans is not limited within Dongmyung, and her hearts for marginalized youth has grown deeper.  Currently, Sooyeon serves as pastor at Turelight Church Chidren’s Ministry.

Hyewon Yang

Hyewon started her relationship with YANA Ministry in the year of 2016 after her family moved to NJ from Syracuse, NY. In Summer of 2017, she joined YANA Ministry as an administrative director. Hyewon came to the U.S. at the age of 16 with a dream of becoming the world-famous pharmaceutical scientist. Hyewon has the B.S degree in Medicinal Chemistry, but she didn’t pursue her profession after she started her own family. Hyewon believes that healthy family values more than the social success, also believes that every child deserves a family. She is blessed to have a supportive husband and two beautiful daughters. They currently reside in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Andrew Lee
Christmas Express

Andrew started his involvement with YANA ministry as a youth student in 2009. Since then, God has grown his heart for the family he's formed through YANA ministry. He has served in Summer Missions, Flying Happiness, and Christmas Express programs throughout the years. Andrew is a member of Cornerstone Church and lives and works as a DevOps Engineer in Boston. His ambition and prayer is that God will use YANA, ministry partners, and primary caregivers, to tangibly love children and young adults affected by familial brokenness, to extend the tangible love of Jesus Christ.

Young Lee​

Born in Seoul, Korea, Younglim immigrated to the United States at the age of 10.  As a member of Truelight Presbyterian Church, she has been participating in YANA Ministry’s annual Flying Happiness Program since 2016.  Through the time she spent with the kids who participated in the program, she has grown to embrace and support the ministry’s mission to become a family to orphans and abandoned children.  As a mother of two grown children, she strongly believes every child deserves a healthy family.

"Yana ministry is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization."

18 Essex Rd Paramus NJ 07652​   TEL: 201.602.6311

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