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Just like any 25 year old, Kyungmin loves visiting small cafés to spend time with friends.

But at just 23, this simple joy was taken away.


In June of 2019, Kyungmin was about to begin a new career. As a young man embarking on a new journey, he was full of anticipation and excitement for the road ahead.


Then he felt pain on his left arm. That pain stretched over a few months and a visit to the doctor altered the trajectory of his life. At just 23, Kyungmin was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, an extremely aggressive type of cancer.


Kyungmin never imagined having cancer at such a young age. His chemotherapy started immediately and was scheduled to receive surgery for a bone graft and artificial joint insertion. Despite the grave news, Kyungmin tried his best to overcome the cancer that had invaded his life.


Last June, however, Kyungmin found himself a stage 4 cancer patient. In less than a year, other cancers were found in Kyungmin’s liver, lungs, and lymph nodes. The cancer was aggressively spreading.


Kyungmin grew up in an orphanage in Seoul since he was just one years old. He has never known his family and currently has no one to support him during this critical fight for his life against cancer.


“I’ve never possessed anything but myself in this world, but even that I no longer own.

Cancer is the only thing I have.”


"Kyungmin, You are not alone. "

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