Once a year, selected children from Dongmyung Chilren’s Center are invited to visit the United States of America.  During their stay, children are having opportunity to visit major attractions, companies and university with YANA Family. The children will spend time with their supporters who provide them with encouragement and love. 


YANA’S Project Joy is that Local Korean & American companies and businesses partner with YANA to provide internships for students who have aged out of the orphanage system.  Through these internships, students gain valuable work experience as well as networking opportunities to better equip them for working life.


Through YANA, orphans who show promise in their college studies are provided an opportunity to further their education in the U.S.  

If selected, YANA helps students secure housing, appropriate visas, as well as providing them with community & accountability to ensure the greatest chance for success.  

Flying Happiness


Individuals from the U.S. are given the opportunity to be a part of a 15-20 people team that travels to the Dongmyung Orphanage to participate in preparing and executing week-long English language classes, Vacation Bible School programs, and/or sports camps.

YANA House Project is a social enterprise where those who have experienced life struggles and obstacles can come together in a work establishment to encourage each other, gain experience and contribute to society via economic measures.  Currently, YANA Coffee House in Paramus, NJ serves this purpose by opening its doors during the weekends.  All proceeds are used to support Dong Myung’s Frog Project.  



"Yana ministry is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization."

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